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Kansa Wand or Gua sha mushroom ?

Kansa Wand or Gua sha mushroom ?


What is Kansa Wand?

Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic instrument with a wooden handle and a tip – a handle made of metal – a material made of copper and tin. In fact, the Kansa wand was created before the jade roller and gua sha stones. It is an ancient Indian massage technique (over 5000 years old) created to aid circulation and reduce tension throughout the body. Over time it has been noted to help in smoothing the skin and texture of the face.

The tool itself is created from wood and metal (the metal of the bells- copper), which is antibacterial and maintains the acidity of the skin.

The massage was widely practiced in the late 19th century to reduce the signs of aging. Today it is still a widespread practice used to soften wrinkles, lift the skin, and clear under-eye circles.

It helps to give the skin a healthy inner glow.
Gua Sha – Gua sha mushroom rose quartz

We offer an advanced Kansa Wand Massager – Gua sha made of natural milky green jade or rose quartz.

Gua Sha

It has the shape of the Kansa Wand, is just as comfortable to use, but is made of natural stone, making it even more valuable, as we also use the benefits of the stone (its energy)

What are its advantages?

  • Convenient to use
  • Natural stone
  • Very pleasant to the touch
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • After a full face massage, the skin is able to absorb more ingredients than lotions or serums.
  • We use all the benefits of Kansa wand massage with your Gua sha mushroom
  • It can be used on the face, body, and even the heels where all the acupuncture points are projected.
  • By incorporating facial massage into your daily beauty care routine, you can also aid collagen production and promote greater relaxation and firmer, more toned skin.

Body massages

Gua sha mushroom can also be used for a full body massage. Use on the neck, back, hands and feet, it can improve the connection between body and mind to eliminate stress and improve energy.

The purpose of using Gua sha mushroom is to provide muscle release.

Is it safe to use gua sha mushroom?

Gua sha mushroom is a harmless skincare technique that you can try.

It is generally part of the worldwide trend of using massage tools at home. People are learning and realizing that really good skincare requires daily small efforts. This will keep the beautiful skin and healthy look and tone of the face, and the whole body for longer.

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